Various - 'The Air EP' (Renegade Hardware)


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"The Air EP" - Various (Renegade Hardware) :thumbsup:

The 2nd part of their 4 elements series, sees RH come with a pretty impressive double pack, far superior to the 1st installment, IMO.
Anway, starting out with the filthy 'Tempest' by Universal Project. The first thing that struck me about this tune is that they have adopted the 'Timeless' sound (Baron, Digital, Total Science etc), but mutated it into their own disgusting formula. Kicking off with a heavy beat, like Digital uses in the massive Void vip, you are lead into the drop which absolutely stinks of the Total Science old skool flava!!! Suddenly in comes the beat, and at first I felt the drop was a bit weak and could have been beefed up more, but after hearing it a few more times I can safely say it is nasty!!! Heavy sub bass and kick drums guide the track along, making it a strong opener.
Stepping up next, Norwegian headz Future Prophecies take the reigns and take you on a horror trip! Nasty, industrial effects and beats warm you up, before it all goes quiet and then it hits you! In a similar style to their 'Nightmare Walking vip', F.P. deliver one of the heaviest amens breaks Ive heard in a while! The only thing I dont like about this tune is the vocal that laces it occasionally throughout, not for any particular reason - I just feel it doesnt fit in with the rest of the tune. But anyway, expect this one to cause maximum damage in a club near you!
Next up, Concorde Dawn bring, what I feel, is the weakest track on the ep. I hate to say it but I was a little disappointed when I heard this, as I feel it doesnt even compare with some of the other stuff they've been bringing out lately. They've obviously taken note of the 'new' house/trance style of drum n bass, and come out with a roller not dissimilar to Ed Rush & Optical's 'French Kiss' rmx. Anyway, things start to look a little better after the second drop, where a 'Vessel'-style melody soars along with the rest of the tune. Anyway, Im sure a lot of you'll be feeling this so I'll shut up now.
Now for my favourite tune of the ep - dnbforum's very own Jarman/Raiden, delivering the beautiful 'Fallin'. After reading all the comments about this tune in my recent thread, i was a little bit suspicious that some ass-licking was going on, but after hearing the track for myself, I can safely say all comments were well and truly deserved. If this isnt one of the best tunes Ive heard this year, then you can call me a garage fan!!! Beautiful harmonies and a sonic b-line make this one of the most melodic tunes Ive heard from the Renegade Hardware camp in a long time, and when that wailing female vocal comes in with the drop, it is simply amazing! Ive been listening to this tune pretty much non-stop since I got it, and it still gives me goosebumps every time I hear it!!!! Truss, this ones gonna be staying at the front of my box for time! Great stuff!!!


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Doesn't sound like its going to be any better then the Earth EP. Hopefully the Universal Project tune is nice at least :/
dunno i reckon the ep is mayb not quite as good as the earth ep but definately worth getting...felling the series more so far than the "the harder they come" series. :thumbsup: