Various sets on offer here from the Daylight Robbery crew inside

Noizee B

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Mar 20, 2006
Ez people, haven't been able to offer anything on here for a while but I've got some treats!

Here are some dat recordings! Some of these didn't make it to the tapepacks! All of these recordings were taken at The Planet, Coventry.

Grooverider & GQ @ Safe + Sound December 1997

Kenny Ken & MC's Fearless & Ranski @ Gamma Funkula November 1998

Mampi Swift & MC's Juiceman, Ranski & MC MC @ Gamma Funkula June 1998

And here's a recent one, Nicky Blackmarket & MC Spyda from our last Gamma Funkula event in December 2008 @ The Kasbah, Coventry

Remember, Gamma Funkula- The Sunday Service, it's next Sunday, you know the drill by now surely! ;)

Peace :)
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