Various - "Paranoia Ep" (RH50)


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Mar 21, 2002
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"Paranoia Ep" - Various (Renegade Hardware)

Hardware celebrate their 50th release with a punishing triple pack featuring some of the top tunes on the circuit right now.
Starting off, the Militia's title track is a meaty number that has received a lot of exposure on dancefloors worldwide, with an electro melody carrying the intro, backed up with some tuff breaks. Soon enough the breakdown comes and were told were being 'taken to the world of the LSD user...', with a punishing drop hitting soon thereafter! A swarming b-line gives the tune an eerie, haunting atmosphere, but with the manic sample and breaks backing everything up, it makes for the perfect dancefloor workout.
Next up is B Key's rather nasty 'Final Conflict'. As you come to expect from him, the end result is absolute filth! B-Movie samples take things deeper here, before out of nowhere your hit with one of the most brutal drops ever! A driving amen and clattering percussion back up a waspy bass and gnawing synth, keeping the tune moving along nicely, with breaks switching up along the way. What can I say, this tune causes absolute devastation!
Probably the most anticipated track on the album, the massive 'Trail of Sevens' by relative newcomers Pendulum, cools the temperature down with a sooting, melodic intro which glides along until soon fading down into a cheeky little riff that everyone should know by now! When the drop comes its all over! Pounding bass compliments the rest of the tune perfectly, with a skippy break keeping the energy levels high. Ok so theres going to be the obvious Fresh/BC comparisons, but IMO Pendulums recent tunes are miles above anything recent from the BC stable, so theres no problems there as far as Im concerned!
Keaton is up next with the excellent 'Influence'. Starting off with an almost jazzy intro, the choppy breaks and sub-y bass soon get things rolling! This tune is all about the groove, with a skankin' b-line driving the rest of the tune along, you cant go wrong, and as usual, Keaton hasnt. Listen out for this on Valve.
Up next, New Zealand's Concorde Dawn carry on their onslaught of excellent tunes with a re-vamp of thrash metal band Slayers seminal 80's classic 'Raining Blood'. A bit too experimental, some may say, and a lot of people think the cross-over is too extreme, but I personally think the tune retains the 'heavy metal' vibe so much more than 'Snake Eyes' or 'Heavy Metal' ever did, although I do feel some of the mid-tune guitar solos are a little OTT! Anyway, everyone should recognise the riff from this, as it has been rinsed up and down the country, and when the drops hit, you'll know why. Another masterpiece from this hot duo keeps them firmly in place as ones to keep an eye on.
Finishing the album in style is Inks 'Ghost Ship'. As the title suggests, a haunting atmosphere surrounds this tune with industrial effects and samples all used to good effect. A nice deep roller from the underrated Ink, with amens and synthy bass all combining for maximum effect, making this a perfect tune to end a very-near-perfect album!



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Nov 29, 2001
Re: Various - "Paranoia Ep" (RH50)

Nice one Mulla! Excellent.. Last one for the Hyyyyppppee :lol:


Mar 25, 2003
Buffalo Ny
Re: Various - "Paranoia Ep" (RH50)

just got this one in my post box today....i wish i had something to play it on when i got home

fucking crackheads
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