Various Artists/SVB/Delta Labs/Aether/Digitali-`The Resistance` [Sublvl Audio]

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    The Resistance is a EP (stands for Epic Proportions ha!) that showcases a few
    of our mainstay artists. A few of these artists all have upcoming projects
    with us so we figured it would be a good time to introduce you to their works.
    This is an all DNB project with no constraints on the sound. It`s dirty all
    around and we think you`ll love it!

    LABEL: Sublvl Audio
    ARTIST: Various Artists, SVB, Delta Labs, Aether, Digitali
    TITLE: The Resistance
    GENRE: Drum and Bass
    CAT: SBLVLD004
    RELEASE DATE: 2014-08-05
    TRACKS: 4
    SVB - Resistance (Original Mix)
    Aether - The End (Original Mix)
    Digitali - No Escape (Original Mix)
    Delta Labs - Star Formation (Original Mix)

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