Label Various Artists - Forbidden Rituals vol.1 LP / Opposide Records


Respect Family
Opposide Records present...

At one spiritualistic seance we finally summoned the spirits of aliens who died on earth. But they began to clash immediately and banned us to hold such magical rituals again. However, we are not going to stop the activities of the cosmo-mediums, and to prove that we release a special compilation of propaganda music for intergalactic shamanic exclamations "Forbidden Rituals".

The Sound as firstborn divine vibration started our Universe and everything that exists. It’s the Word in Christian and Cabalistic traditions. In Hinduism and Buddhism it is the primordial sound of Ohm. Therefore we are all so sensitive to sound and its harmony in music. Music can create the real miracles bringing our body and soul into harmony with the environment as well as the beyond realms.

Most of the music on this compilation is strongly expressed by effect of psychostimulation. It uses technology with complex rhythmic impact on our body developed by high priests from Opposide Records. This effect models the altered states of consciousness and significant creative growth. Each of the sounds and breaks carries a multi-layered structure incoming in resonance with the waves in our brain making a truly magical effect.

Priests & mantras:
1. Myst - Dust
2. Enei - Outfield
3. Gvozd - Astralavantguarde (immortal beings)
4. Nemanoe - Seventh bird
5. Dissident - Scifiholic
6. Synapse - Syncope
7. Asymmetric - Collapse
8. San.Dra - Helicobacter pylori
9. Reborn and Psher - Anubis
10. Cyberworm - Drummer in hell
11. Invader & Radiance - Inside the labyrinth
12. Fluter and Dissident - Horrible gallucinations
13. Dj Darrel - Hidden path
14. Diligens - Wood
15. Bad Wisdom - Q
16. Dynamic Stab - Sun & vega
17. Paranoid Society - Crashed

Let’s defend our culture from alien invaders living in hell!

For reception of optimum effect use only the consecrated sources: