Various Artists: Enter The Dark EP - Dark Box Recordings (DKBD001)

Various Artists: Enter The Dark EP - Dark Box Recordings (DKBD001)

Release date: 23/01/2010

Kriotek - "Scelerat"
Kaiza & Shots - "Monoton"
K-Rob & Kevlar - "Immoral"
Krustov - "The Trashmen"

Title: Enter The Dark EP
Label: Dark Box Recordings
Genre: Drum'n'Bass
Format: Digital
Cat #: DKBD001

Dark Box Recordings presents his first release with four talented artists from around Europe, precisely from Spain, Germany and Romania. Some already well known in the drum'n'bass scene for their quality releases on many labels.
Enter The Dark EP is a journey into a dimension of the european dnb sound. Producers involved in this first project gave birth to some real smashers ready to set dancefloors on fire.
The concept of the release at a first listen, is to propose the freshest and most catchy/actual sounds around the dnb scene right now
The EP opens with Scelerat by Kriotek. The title says it all, real fast and insane beats for the most twisted Kaiza with his collaboration with Shots proposes a choice of minimal sounds with a particular vibe. Speaking about great collabs we propose another "Immoral" one made from K-Rob and Kevlar, And last but not least Krustov, with a fast merciless techno-dnb tune. All the tracks in this ep are heterogeneous but connected by an extremely creative method that can tell the skills of every artist involved.
Enter the Dark is the result of various experiences of these european artists majorely focused on technoid. Throughout this recording we giving a vision of the banging dnb panorama…

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