Various Artists-`Dubstep Compilation 02`

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    Section 8 Recordings presents...

    Various Artists - Dubstep Compilation 02

    Made to shake dancefloors! Here are some of the nastiest tunes released on
    Section 8 since it`s venture into dubstep.

    LABEL: Section 8 Dub
    ARTIST: Various Artists
    TITLE: Dubstep Compilation 02
    GENRE: Dubstep
    RELEASE DATE: 2012-10-25
    TRACKS: 18

    Tim Ismag - Darkness Chosen (Original Mix)
    Crim - More Power (Original Mix)
    Depone - Chunk (Original Mix)
    Andy Malex 2.0 - Toys Alive (Original Mix)
    Saint Rider - Dark and Terrifying (Original Mix)
    Brainpain - Stompa (Original Mix)
    Max Shade & x3mAL - Mind Games (Original Mix)
    iBenji, Saint Rider - Tales From The Darkside (Original Mix)
    Sonwah Fresh - Roses Are Dead (Original Mix)
    iBenji - Kill Me (Original Mix)
    Loop Stepwalker - Temperature Drop (Original Mix)
    Scream Machine - Hells Winter (Remix)
    Koya - Fearless (Original Mix)
    iBenji - The Power (Original Mix)
    Tim Ismag - Space Ninja (Original Mix)
    iBenji - Skunk Machine (Original Mix)
    Sick Cycle - Body Bag (Original Mix)
    iBenji - Black Mamba (Original Mix)

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    from Digital Tunes
    from Juno Download
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