vaporizers !!!!!!!!!!


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ive got a kiddy lung these days.. i used to do the dankest, dirtys, boomys / buckets / bongs / waterfalls .. youve ever seen.. usually coz i was always on speed i never felt it so i could nail anything.. but i was also heavily asthematic and altho its didnt hurt or make me cough.. the damage was being done..

so i still want to smoke so recently i purchased MFLB ...

shits goooood yo!!!!!!!!!! .. i put in a couple of dried nicely grinded buds.. got some nice vape.. taste fucking qaulity, get all the taste of the piff.. without the burnt carcinogens or anything.. but gets ya proper monged but in a different way

i was tempted with this badboy tho..

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It seems like all the different types of smoking have their own unique high. In my opinion, joints and blunts get you a good proper party hard high. Bongs/bowls/steamrollers are usually for just getting so far beyond trashed. And vaporizers are best for relaxing to the max and working on tunes or just nodding out on a movie. I've thought many times about getting the MFLB, but last time when I went to buy it the headshop had this fucking amazing 17" triple blown steamroller for $125 and I was all about that shit instead.

My friend got a vape (I can't remember the brand/name for the life of me) that was just as quality as the infamous volcano but they sell new for like $150, so it's much nicer on your wallet.