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I was lead to believe that after buying a ticket for and attending the Valve Summer Slam event at the Indigo 02 on Saturday night that you would recieve a FREE digital download pack including a few unreleased tunes etc.

The pack is avaliable for download from but it's £6.99 and I was lead to believe that by paying to go to the Summer Slam event you would be entitled to a free download

Just wanted to know if anyone has any idea wha's going on with this because I definately want the downloads but I'm not going to pay the £6.99 if I can have them for free, which I thought was part of the whole package of paying to go to the event

Hope somebody out there can help

The event by the way was sickkk :)
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I thought that there would be a catch when Valve turned digital...

I want watching you by capone

I've all ready got Dan Miracle - Blazin' Fire from the smash n grab e.p.

As for Trinity - Let's Just Smoke Some Weed, I don't really want this.

so what makes them think that a couple of ring tones and wall papers will justify paying £6.99 for one mp3 ?
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You should have been given a code that you put in when checking out in the download store. You pay with the promotion code instead of your credit card.
Try looking on you ticket it may be on there mate.


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The O2 changed arrangement we had argeed in the mid week. The queuing system was changed last minute from 3 queues to 1. We then had to find a member of our crew to do a job they had no experience in to handle to masses of people who arrived bang on at 10pm. She was so inundated with stress and pressure that the digital cards were not given out ... even thought they were in the box office. This pissed me off but it was not my staffs fault but the fact they were now doing a job they had no experience in and were thrown in the deep end !! I had lots of major internal issues to deal with as security were not letting acts into the venue not from the entrance but from the outer entrances for cars. The artists could not get in. Then i found out ticket holders were struck with security again with an i.d check turning people away! this is something we are addressing and on tuesday will be talking to the ticket outlets on how to compensate these unfortunate people.
This was our first event their and there will be teething problems !! working relationships need to be made with any venue ! People have to understand the government are coming down hard in London and all venues across the U.K. ! They want you to travel with i.d as standard !! Go to America you cant even buy a beer in some places without i.d and ... you could look late 30's. You are going to see more venues close down and more venues having to follow the laws or its shut down for the events. Just look whats happening in London ! New corporate dont know how to handle large groups of young people
Regarding the sound system we had to position the speakers to allow for disabled / wheelchair access. This hindered the sound so where we would of had certain bass traps on dance floor we had to compromise. The next event we are going to have speaker in other positions around dance floor. but you have to remember health and safety is a MASSIVE ...ISSUE ! Health and safety stopped us bringing in our laser on the night ! We are developing a new sound system and it should be ready in the next 2/3 months.

Ive had my fucking say im gutted about my people getting turned away! im fucking RAGING !! but i will try and sort that out somehow !!
People have got to undestand we were working all week full out on this !! I only had 15 hrs sleep that week up until the event ! We were up for three days wiring and making the 10ft Graphic EQ lighting you saw on stage !! and after two days of wiring and build frames etc . the fucking thing wouldnt work !! GUTTED !! but we got... there in the end !! The O2 stopped us bringing in our laser and we had one of the U.K's top laser operators working with their health and safety ! but they stopped it happening on Friday evening!! TRUST ME WHEN I SAY THIS !! All Want to do is put on the events VALVE was should be doing but we need the support from the fans ! How many parties promise you shit and deliver nothing !! We intend to do less parties across the country from this year as we believe LESS IS MORE ! ! !
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once downloaded, re-name to .zip
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