Valve Soundsystem vs True Playaz at Creation 12/12/03

After a shakey start from Exeter the coach got under way as most people turned up at about quarter past nine when it was supposed to leave at nine. The coach rumbled in to Bristol at around half ten quarter to eleven and by then Creation was absolutely rammed full of sweat, smoke and raving nutters. As we entered Pascal was playing possibly the darkest tecchiest set of the night with some solid mixing as the sound system was being warmed up. This was followed by Zinc pulling out a selection of some of the cheesiest jump up I've heard since the last time I saw him. Always a crowd pleaser Hype was up next dropping the big tunes as the system was being pushed to it's limit and I went to go get some ear plugs for the onslaught. After some top notch scratching although his set wasn't on 3 decks as billed it was still pretty impressive. What happened next was Dillinja gracing the decks with an unrivalled selection of heavy beats and gargantuan bass. Pausing only for small gaps between tracks and the records skipping he totally tore the place down and I was glued to the dancefloor almost as much as my mate was glued to the speakers in true speaker hugging style. Dillinja concluded his set with a tune that I'm going to be hunting for for a long time. The beats crashed in out of a slow build with some old skool chords and the roof was raised well and truely. There was no way that this wasn't getting a rewind and the crowd really was shouting for it as best they could over the cacophony all around. An absolute monster of a subtastic tune if ever I heard one. Lemon D followed this up with a set that was just about as heavy if not heavy and he dropped So Vain to a suitably insane reaction on the floor. I was bracing myself for the second drop as the blitz of sub bass pounded away blowing a firestorm wind around the place. Hazard finished off procedings with a set composed of mostly his own productions and a few new bits in to the bargain. All in all a quality night of bass fueled brutality.