VALVE SOUND! VALVE SOUND! Portsmouth takeover

jay walker

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Jan 15, 2003
between a rock and a hard place, Hants
If yo dun know , get ta know dis 1 a killa:gun: :chainsaw:

Friday 31st January 2003 – Breakneck with the Vizalve, Hey! Hey! Hey!!

Im pretty sure its the breddas that keep this forum in check, SDM an Triple M - so, everyone in the area show the support they deserve by ramming the club to the rafters, Oh, an some small-time un-heard-of djs are playing too, i think there names shillinja an Lemon T, or something like that!!!! an not forgeting Trance-an-bass guru - John [up all night] B an Simon [would you like to jam it with me? Baby] BL Smith. I got my ticket - Hootie Hoo! See you there!

Breakneck#2 – Valve Sound System room: Dillinja \ Lemon D \ John B \ Simon Bassline Smith\ SDM \ Triple M \ MC Freestyle_
Stay Up Forever room: Geezer (Live) \ Chris Liberator \ Ronaldo
Music Policy: Drum & Bass \ Techno
Venue: The Gaiety Suite & Albert Tavern, South Parade Pier, Portsmouth (Capacity 1200)
(Huge laser shows throughout, over 100k sound, amazing lighting, real-time & static projections, stall’s, free drinking water, chilled fruit stalls, performers, dancers, free ice poles, pyrotechnics, body art, cooling fans, chill-out areas, wheelchair friendly venue, friendly security, cloakroom £1, bottled water £1.25)
Times: 9pm-2am
Prices in advance: £12.50, more on the door, ROAR.
For further info about Breakneck call 07 884 115 665

Peacesky weesky - jay walker aka the whoodod klaww
geeza, i know all to well the line up

could this be the most hyped up night in portsmouth yet?

i think so......

believe the hype...
Originally posted by jay walker
Pompey aint ready for Bass like this, yall better know that!

Youll know me on the night , ill be the one hugging the bassbins.

Hoooooooooooootie hoooooooooooo!



And so, here it is - the ear-bleading, breathtaking (literally!!) only drum and bass soundsystem in the world!

to every one whose gonna hit Breakneck tonight, Blaze that shit up:spliff: get the beers in :beers: , an get fucked up!:rinsed: but keep leave the attitude at home, we dont need none of that! :tut:

Hootie-Fuckin-hooo, i cant wait - its gonna be explosive!:dynamite:

Tonight Matthew, for one-night only - im going to be jaygurn, lord of the dance!

see you there
jaywalker aka the whoodid klaww
The one and only High Contrast

Oh my god, saw him do a 2 hr set up here in Cardiff last night, free entry!!!. The man just gets better and better,such good tune selection. One word sums him up...Legend
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