Valve & @ Bedlam, Brunel Rooms, Swindon. 15/10/2004... Part 2


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Oh yes.

The mighty Karl. All kneel before his basslines.

Now, as you may not know, his tracks sound phat anyway (don't argue), when he produces his stuff he tailors it specifically for the Valve system, notching his bass up at around the 90-100Hz range, and getting his system running with a sweet spot in the bass at around the same range. So, I was expecting some body-pulverisingly-strong bass from this man.

He didn't disappoint.

His set was something else - he's really improved as a DJ, as has been agreed by others I was talking with afterwards - he played a really varied set, lots of Dilly stuff (it'd be a crime not to hear Valve tracks on the Valve system), but as well as that, lots of other quality stuff - the Together remix, for example, which blew up when it was dropped.

It's just a damn shame he never looks up from the decks! He might play some great tracks, but there's not much audience participation going on there. ;) Anyways, I think I pissed him off by waiting with my camera until he looked up. A few pics:

Dillinja raping the unsuspecting crowd with the EQ

I definitely think he enjoyed himself, I loved his set totally and I bow in awe to the Valve. All his tracks sounded super-sweet (to use a Jack Osbourneism) on the Valve, and I wish he could've played more than an hour set. One track which really, properly mashed me up was his In The Grind Remix - when those bass stabs come in in the intro, you know it's gonna be good - but then it drops differently and the lead synth line is totally different (and fucking AWESOME) and people just went absolutely mad. In the end, it got two rewinds, so we could all experience this quality remix 3 times. No doubt he mashed this one up specially for this tour - and it certainly went down a treat with the Swindon ravers.

Foxy definitely enjoyed himself.

The In The Grind Remix lighter crew

Foxy full flow in Dilly's set

After Dilly's set was over (and it was a shame it had to end), I was feeling decidely unwell, and had to retreat away from the frontline of speakers where I'd been standing for the past 3 and a half hours getting an absolulute pummeling. So, I retreated back through the crowd, but not before checking out a bit of Kenny Ken's set...

Foxy was mad for it!

Kenny's set was QUALITY. HE dropped tons of wicked tracks, some dancefloor rollers, a little bit of jump up (cause somebody had to do it), and some pure nasty tracks. Talking to people who listened to the entire thing, they said it was one of the best sets that night. I can't disagree - I sat and listened to most of it from the steps, a safe distance from the liquidising frontline of the Valve, sipping some £2-a-bottle water (!). I wasn't the only person taking a break from the bass either... The steps were rammed with people just sitting, enjoying the music, and chatting amiably about the events of the past 7 hours.

DJ booth is directly in front of you (where the Bedlam poster is), you can see the Valve extending to just about either side of the picture and above head level.

Eventally went back to the front again, cause it had to be done. We got a couple of extra tracks from Kenny, which took us up to about 5:15am, and then the place was Grooveridered (SHUT DOWN).

Room 2 after closing time

It was a wicked evening, enjoyed by all I'm definitely sure... Somebody forgot their jumper though. ;)

Tell you what though, I don't think I'd fancy packing it all away afterwards.

I have the original, larger (1600x1200) copies of these pictures if anybody wants em.

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