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Feb 16, 2007
strong and bold. he strikes fear into the heart of a metal goat built for purpose of the angel of death himself.

he is here for the good fight. he is here to answer the long questioned need for answers to life. he rides side saddle amongst gods most evil creatures, anguished in his venture to rescue humanity from the evil empire most dark beneath that, that lies deep within the structure of any given gregg the bakers.

he is a maverick. held back by no man. he maybe need you to buy his products that are likely stolen or possibly don't even exist, but hold that aginst him not. his cause is true, and just.

valman is desperate to avenge the death of his uncle tim of plymouth, since which has left him with the sole purpose of negotiating sale of the worlds obvious desprerate needs for electronic goods.

he needs your help for means beyond explantion. but damn it he tries. he tries.

valman. a true inspiration. please give to his cause. lifes cause.


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Feb 8, 2008
i just sent him 50 for an iphone on paypal .. thats well cheap .. well done for finding him , has he always been a member ? anyone else got a phone off him ! .. am buzzing .. thats cheap as :) .. cheers mate


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Apr 7, 2006
oops. i banned the little turd before i saw there was a thread dedicated to him. forgive me.
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