VA - Depthblinded EP Part1 OUT NOW!!! + Free320


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Feb 23, 2010
Deamuted Records presents Depthblinded EP Part 1



Drumandbass world gone mad, where it was customary to shake your head from side to
side, where snakes writhed in the throes of nerve failure, Now sits emptyness and repulsion. But! Deafmuted Records substitution is
no cheap product from your local supermarket, but hard work. Deafmuted goes deep and does not only show a new looks, but also quality drumandbass, on the first one of two EPs!

1.Psyek - Not Staying Here

Psyek is the experimenter, no style of music is devine to him, so this time
he ventured into deeper waters and have abandoned "drumandbass epilepsy. In
"Not Staying Here" still appears the typical elements of his previous productions, but the mood and design has been updated.

2.Zoom - Beneath a Steel Sky

Esprit Records honcho Zoom is brooding as ever. Very sexy, deep, lazy,
immoral and noble .. Such is Beneath The Steel Sky, in which you almost cant feel the heartbeat.

3.Misology - Bad Memory

So this is where the future begins with the Czech Drumandbass. Misology is in perfect
form and one of the first recruits to
got signed by Deafmuted. Bad memory is a huge piece
of current Drumandbass unbridled quality.

4.M.Pete - Promise

Definition of track: tight, dense and brain wrenching bass, cleverly programmed rolling drums,
the atmosphere created in the engine room and the overall subterranean midnight collage worthy of considerable admiration.

5.Local Heroes - Ucho

Last track is a freebie by Local Heroes that can be downloaded here
If the captain Spok in Star Trek embarked Drumandbass, it would look exactly like this. SciFi samples, beats and wandering incredible bottoms.



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