VA - Commercial Suicide: Compilation [(SUCIDECD010)]


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Mar 27, 2007
Vinyl 2x12” with CD (SUCIDECD010) and all 18 tracks as MP3s

With a scene increasingly dependent on the over sweetened candy of rave junk beats, it this compilation offers a window to know there is genuine music of substance available for those who want to savor it.
For most, Commercial Suicide has no equal and needs no introduction. Klute’s signature imprint, (established London, 2001) has sustained a release schedule which raised the bar in the drum and bass world. The label’s forward thinking approach has been the incubator for some of the most talented producers on the scene over the last decade.

Break, Calibre, Klute, Dub Phizix, Vicious Circle; the list reads like a who’s who of contemporary drum and bass production. After extensive market research (i.e. being rewound at drum and bass events from Toronto to Tokyo) the songs were selected and what we have are 13 of the best d&b tunes covering all styles from established names to brand new up and comers.

A lot of things have changed in the music business over the 10 years since, Commercial Suicide came into being. But one thing has remained constant; a great compilation can define a label and a scene or an era. To that end, the label has taken on the task of compiling an album that reflects and defines where the Commercial Suicide sound is in the year 2011.

Vinyl Tracklist:

A: Cern, Dose & Teknik - Huntsville
B: Break - Freak
C: Mindscape & Jade - Orion
D: Calibre - Student Music

Release date: 05/12/2011
Format: 12” Vinyl x 2 + CD
Genre: D&B
Catalogue number: SUICIDE061S

CD Tracklist:

1. Optiv - Midnight Nation
2. Mindscape & Jade - Orion
3. Gridlok - Enemies of the State
4. Dub Phizix - Scum
5. Break - Freak
6. Calibre - Student Music
7. Klute - Shy Piece
8. Nymfo & State Of Mind - Roxy
9. Seba - It Ain't The Weather
10. Dakosa & Anile - Settle The Score
11. S.P.Y - Bulldozer
12. Cern, Dose & Teknik - Huntsville
13. Vicious Circle & Nocturnal - Last Chance Saloon
14. Dom & Roland - Rollstar
15. Amit - Skull Puncher
16. Dose, Trei & Menace - Valium Express VIP
17. Dub Phizix - Polar
18. Soul Intent - Control

Audio previews are here:
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looks immense, would have preferred all new material but still looking to be one of the best compilation albums this year
shame skeptical - frozen isn't on there, thought that was picked up by commerical suicide?

anyway, listened to the previews and it sounds promising
fort it was scheduled for 31?

[00:00] Cern - Double Down [Project 51]
[02:33] Dub Phizix - Shake Down [Soul:R]
[05:04] Skeptical - Blue Eyes [Ingredients]Listen or buy at Juno Download
[07:58] Skeptical & Pessimist - The Wire [Commercial Suicide]
[11:36] Alix Perez & Jubei - ?
[13:00] Fracture Feat. Chewie - Brain Freeze [Astrophonica]
[14:27] Skeptical - Dub Sequence [Ingredients]Listen or buy at Juno Download
[16:38] DBR UK - Fortress (VIP) [Dispatch]Listen or buy at Juno Download
[19:13] Amit Feat. Rani - 9 Times [Commercial Suicide]
[22:23] Skeptical - Frozen [Commercial Suicide]
[24:59] Break - Guilty Pleasures [Utopia]
[26:28] Skeptical - Refraction [Ingredients]Listen or buy at iTunes
[29:22] Anile - Exclusion Zone [Inneractive]Listen or buy at Juno Download
[32:57] Ulterior Motive - Frozen Sky [Reinforced]
[36:16] Pessimist - Abstract [Ingredients]
[39:10] ?
[41:09] Skeptical & Dub Phizix - The Enemy [Dispatch]Listen or buy at Juno Download
[42:48] ?
[44:58] Genotype - Justice Over Law [Exit]Listen or buy at Juno Download
[46:47] ?
[50:03] Beastie Respond - Syncopy [Teal]

well in his example mag mix it's listed as commercial suicide :confused:
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