VA - Blood Pressure LP [MEDIC27CD] (Med School Music)


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Mar 27, 2007
01 Mutated Forms – Feels Like
02 Anile & Dakosa – Ecstasy Dub
03 Royalston – Carnivore
04 Bop – Impermanence
05 TwoThirds & BadApple (ft. Veela) – Sense of Being
06 Unquote (ft. Grimm) – Paint My Wings [Fracture’s Astrophonica Remix]
07 Submerse – Always, Like This
08 Lung, Joe Syntax & Eleven8 – Red Rhythm
09 Blu Mar Ten – Last Life in the Universe
10 Bulb & Clarity – Her Smooth Love
11 Frederic Robinson – Roadtrip
12 S.I.N – Neverending
13 Eleven8 – Bridges
14 Synkro – Dwelling

Now approaching its fifth year of groundbreaking releases, Med School excitedly present 2012’s follow-up to the critically acclaimed New Blood series. Bringing together a collection of artists suited to the Med School sound from the as-yet unknown to the underground hero, each track brings another interesting layer to the album. * From the outset, “Blood Pressure” sets the tone for a truly diverse tracklist with a punchy synth-laden stomp from Mutated Forms, burrowing through Anile & Dakosa’s dub-inspired electronics to the obsessively precise sampling of Royalston. Bop shows off his own brand of minimal, twinkling electronica-tinged D+B; TwoThirds & BadApple continue this theme with a delicate, optimistic offering featuring stunning vocals from Veela. * Moving towards darker territory, Fracture’s reworking of an Unquote favourite brings new life to one of Med School’s tracks of 2011, and Submerse brings a welcome 2-step break to section the release in two. The sub bass pressure of Lung, Joe Syntax & eleven8 jolt the release back into the deep, heavy trends of 2011/12, which allows Blu Mar Ten to follow perfectly with their darkly atmospheric release. * Bulb & Clarity working together for the first time after releasing separate tracks on last year’s ‘New Blood 011’ provide some beautifully intricate beats that shout Med School from the rafters, and Swiss newcomer Frederic Robinson creates a beauty with pretty violin pizzicatos and scatty, excitable drums. * A little bit of thunder marks S.I.N’s addition, with droning bass, claps and eerie vocal samples to create interesting texture. Following this we have Eleven8 proving his talents alone this time, and finally a typically distinctive addition from Synkro, one of Med School’s longest-running artists, and a huge talent in his own right. *A transfusion of Med School versatility, with releases reaching outside the limits of D+B and into 2-step and dubstep. ‘Blood Pressure’ might be a follow-up to ‘New Blood 011’, but it’s by no means taking second place.

Looks like another excellent release on Med School. Set for release on March 5th


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Jun 13, 2009
Large release.
Been absolutely caning Bridges for the last couple of months, cant wait to get my hands on Dwelling either.
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