V/A The Revolution (MORE001) 320 kbpsmp3 *free download*


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Aug 23, 2008

It has come! The debut release from the More Recordings netlabel.

Consisting of a wide variety of interpretations of jungle and related music from a well sick roster of producers in the game, “The Revolution” is both dancefloor friendly and domepiece punishing. From straight forward ragga jungle soon-to-be anthems to in your face raggacore/breakcore to leftfield breakbeat workouts to hip hop drum.n.bass hybrids to dubstep flavored delights and beyond, the whole of the compilation stands as one while each tune remains its own thing entirely capable of surviving on its own and fitting into any deft DJ’s mix. Ringing in at over an hour long and coming delivered in 320kbps MP3 format, this is serious business hat most definitely shouldn’t be slept on.

V/A - “The Revolution” [more001]
01 - unsoundbwoy - mighty bootlegs come around
02 - Aczid ft The Digital Junglist - Blaze Da Fiyah
03 - Golden Lion Marmoset - Told You My Boy Was Gangsta
04 - BadWeed - Thatz Gangsta
05 - DJ Skye - Machine
06 - Palmatron - Resist Dem Oppression
07 - JungleFever - Wardance
08 - Ebola Soulja - Tables Will Turn
09 - The Artbreaker - 10731
10 - L(3) - Step Forward
11 - Baby Demo - Killing Teng
12 - Bro - Fuckin Up Di World

http://grindthieves.com/morerecordings/MORE001 - The Revolution.rar

Don’t forget to cop that mix promo mix from JungleFever here: http://www.zshare.net/audio/17091088ef52a931/ as well.
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