V/A The new crusaders EP (reformed)


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Jan 30, 2002
A nice new offshoot from formation shows off the best artists from the label with tracks from SS, Twisted individual, Drumsound & Bassline smith and DJ Hazard who is new to the label.

Hazard delivers the best track on the EP, "Darkside" which is quite similar to his mix of "what kind of world" but much sicker in the bassline department and there are loads of interesting drum fills and cheeky samples thrown in to spice things up.
SS is the next best with "crusaders" which sounds quite a lot like recent bassline smith stuff, with its oldskool stabs and raw sub bass and a very nice D-product style break.
Twisted individual's track "knuckle sandwich" is quite a novel style and has a lot of change ups and hardly his typical sound, but didn't really have the appeal of his better tunes, still not bad tho.
Drumsound and bassline smith's track is probably the weakest on the EP and has a bit of a dodgy stab pattern and the usual formula, but is far from the best i've heard them do.

Overall I think the Haazard track is seeing him get more exposure and I'm sure he'll follow in Twisted individual's footsteps and recieve big recognition in the next year or so. SS also proves he's still got the knack to release a good track.
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