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Oct 14, 2007
OUT NOW! - Various Artists - The Bitter Side LP - datamod029
(A) A'n'B - Never Stop
(B) Paimon - Dentist
(C) Jazzatron - Garantista
(D) Impeh - Copra
(E) Am:mad: - Nasty Look
(F) Maurs - Frechdachs
(G) Nvader & Bullet Time - Hollow
(H) Incident, Blal & Megadrummer - First

You can check the shit HERE then grab it on Beatport !

A'n'B is an italian 23 years old producer. His passion for music began at 11 years when he took his first guitar lessons.
His musical influences are numerous and range from Prodigy to Korn, Pendulum, Noisia, Tool...
In May 2010 he releases his first EP for Subculture (IT) "Take Your Time" which immediately climbs up the Beatport dnb chart.
The EP was reviewed by several sites and forums and supported by artists such as Hackage, Maztek, Aeph...
Soon new releases will be available on labels like Trust In Music (DE), Fallout (UK), Modulate (IT), BlackSeeds (IT).


Paimon's real name is Oleg Cholovsky, he was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine.
Creative and forward thinking artists such as Noisia, Phace, Misantrop, Bad Company and TeeBee inspired Oleg to create his own compositions.
Exhausting study of music software brings his first fruits and 2010 marks the turning point of Paimon's carreer, with several releases on labels such as Tamp3cords, Ammunition, Black Seeds, Naturality Sound System .. and now Modulate.
Paimon becomes member of the popular russian podcast "Neuropunk" of Tamp3cords labels owner DJ BES.
He continues to work with many labels around the world and soon new, great releases of this young musician will see the light.


This breakbeat/drum’n’bass project has arisen from a collaboration of the drummer and producer Alessandro Raise with the producer Fabio Del Galdo.
After a training period in their cellar the project soon was reshaped into a real live-band act, thanks to the encounter with the talented Tourinese dj-scratcher Dj KND and the singer-author Nadya, with whom a strong cooperation soon has been established.
Since 2006 the quartet performs live (acoustic drums, voice, scratches and laptop) in many clubs and festival in the Turin and the surrounding area (among many others: AB+ Club, CSA Gabrio, Puddhu Bar, Cascina 00, Nuovo Club Underground, Fluido...).
Their discography includes the soloist Nadya projects "Sempre Di Più EP" and "Vicino A Me LP" (Lynks Records) and the Jambalaya's "Quando Vola Lo Struzzo EP” (Toast Records).
In June 2009 they produced the "Our First Work" album with the promising "Most Wired" net-label, pubblished under Creative Commons license (available for free download on Archive and Jamendo).
In December 2009 they released the “Breaknerds EP” on the renowned roman label "Subculture Recordings", then in January 2010 some tracks appeared both on Bologna's based Dbox Records and on the Georgian "Factory Recordings”.Now, June 2010, is time for the longest running italian based dnb label Modulate Recordings to publish their new deep and elegant “Misunderstood EP”. They are currently focusing on production, laptop live-set performances and party management together with the cultural collective “Jungle Pride” (www.junglepride.it)


Laschenko Konstantin (Impeh) was born in Dneprodzerzhinsk (Ukraine) in 1987.
At the age of 13 he falls in love with hip-hop music and starts to work with FL Studio.
After 4 years (2004) he makes the first rough album of the group BlackSouls, then he is carried away by another music style - Drum and Bass : after listening to many famous dnb producers he realizes that he must pay much attention to the quality of the sound, and from 2005 he starts to study everything connected with music.
In 2009, after some years of study spent on programs such as Cubase and Reason, the tune «Life style» is finally on air for the first time on Record Radio (St. Petersburg).
In 2010 he signs his first release “Copra” on Modulate Recordings (Italy).


Am:mad: (IT) boasts a long experience in music : he starts as a funky drummer at the early age of 15 and once he discovers electronic music he starts producing his own tunes and playing as a dj.
During the recent years he frequently cooperates to the realization of parties together with the WcSet crew in Bologna, sharing the console with national and international artists.
In spring 2009 he releases his first solo track on Subculture, one of the most famous italian dnb lebels.


Mauro Picciau aka Maurs was born in 1985 in Cagliari, South Sardinia, Italy.
Drumnbass and dubstep producer/dj, he plays with the DNBCAST and has been involved in Cagliari's dnb scene for few years now. His musical growth, past across from different genres like hiphop, heavymetal, techno and electro, led him to drum and bass in 2000.
Only few years after, he threw himself into music production, both developing his own style and deriving inspiration from such big names as Roni Size, Goldie and so on.
Up to 2008, with Modulate Recordings's first release together with ARPXP, one of the most important italian producers and with him, in 2008, and from a collaboration with another big sardinian producer, Maver, "the Orchid" sees the light, soon being part of the fourth Italian Bassline compilation.


Andrey aka "Nvader" is a newcomer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
He discovered drumandbass in 2001 and was especially influenced by techstep and techy dnb by such artists like Ed rush & Optical, Kemal, BC UK, Stakka & Skynet, Dom and many more.
Some time later he attemted to make music, mostly dnb. He worked a lot and he wanted to shape is own sound which he couldn't hear anywhere, but also was influenced by techstep and electro which he listened to a lot in those times. In 2010 the debut releases appeared on Tamp3cords and Ammunition recordings. Now attention is turned not only to neuro and electronic dnb but also to deep and warm stuff.


The Incident is a young Hungarian ambitious duo. Steps (Lorant Dienes) and Fegz (Gabor Schmiedt) give the backbone to the team. Mainly occupied with drum and bass, this duo takes a lively interest in other elecronic music style too. Since their establishment in 2005 they have been making progress step by step in the scene. 
Their musics characteristic ranges from the funk to the hard core and you can check their work released on several good fame publishing companies: Phunkfiction, Solé Digital, Liquid Brillants, Basswerk, Subculture, Lucky Devil, Black Seeds, Next Sense and soon on similary famous publishers in the likes of DSCI4 and Modulate.
The duo also had been worked with other producers together, for example Blal (UK), Megadrummer (RU), Subz (GER) and Paul SG (GER). Now they are working so hard making some new tunes with Spinline (HUN), Inside Info (UK), Command Strange (KAZ), Subz (GER), etc… 
Their repertory is extremly wide, it holds from the totally liquid music (Triad, Henree, Naibu, Paul SG, Eveson, Brooklyn, Calibre, Spectrasoul, Alix Perez), over the populared line (Concord Dawn, State of Mind), to the scurrying, dank, rolling neuro (Calyx, TeeBee, Phace, Noisia, BSE).


He's a 26 year old new media, drum & bass, jungle & a touch of house n dubstep designer & producer / dj from Surrey near London UK.
His music's been released on Sound Artillery, Ennex Records, Flexible & He's a resident dj @ Logic, Technology & an honorary member of the Eastek crew in Czech.


Max Megadrummer thrashed his way into the music scene as a professional drummer with several Moscow bands, playing everything from grindcore to ska-punk for over 7 years.
Max broke into the drum+bass scene several years ago, and has driven out a unique mix of neuro, techno and ambient sounds. He has worked with several Russian and UK labels including MacroVision, Gunsta, Ennex, Sound Artillery, Hospital, Nerve, Collective and Revolution Recordings.
Eager to expand his sound, Max has collaborated with a variety of producers such as The Sect, Enei, Tenebra, Metrik and Blal. As well as being actively involved in the drum+bass scene, he works with Russian and world singers/performers as a creative producer.

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