V/A - Sektor 3 (Advance//d ADVRSK3)


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Mar 4, 2002
This one is a double pack with some really nice new hardcore tunes on it and some bland throw away tracks (like with the previous Sektors). Still I think this is the strongest sellection thats been on the Sektors so far.

I'll start with the boring tunes first (save the best for last you know).

Total Science "Philly X" is the worst tune on here. Possibly the worst Total Science tune ever although I'm sure they've done worse. It seems they've gotten stuck in a groove and they can't shake free. This tune sounds just like "Hot Spot", "Squash", and that "Hammerhead/Babyoil" thing they did. Its bland, theres not much going on, theres not much to say about it other then that its there, pressed into the other side of the wicked Zero Tolerance tune.

A-Sides "Bring It On" is a title that makes you think really cool things are going to happen. Well I'm sorry to say thats not the case. The tune does have a hard driving amen beat and some nice 93 darkcore-esk strings however what it doesn't have is the fast exciting change ups and edits which a darkcore tune would have. Its pretty bland.

Now for the good stuff!

Spirit "Overdrive" is a TUNE! This is one hard driving fucking hardcore tune to say the least. It starts out with a muffled amen break with some other beats overtop. It then adds some Meat Beat Manifesto "Radio Baybalon" samples and the old "All right" male vocal sample. Then we start to hear those Ware Mouse mistake snares used to really good effect! Then the bass kicks in and so does the terrifying buzz of a mentasm sample that just drones on and on, building some proper tension. If the tune was to stand alone like this I would be a bit pissed however no, it gets better! The drop in this tune is a massive hands in the air Quadraphonia style rave riff complete with upper octave keys *gasp*. As you can see, this IS a CHOON!

Zero Tolerance "Pace Maker" is my favorite tune on this dbl pack. When I first heard this on Chemical I couldn't believe it. It sounds like a remix of Outer Minds "I still want ya" from 1992. It starts out with some nice keys then going into a classic hardcore breakbeat that isn't used very frequently. The track then goes into some really uplifting keys, strings, and the vocal from "I still want ya". The breakdown is quite uplifting and impressive as well. This is quite a tune, it will be my second favorite of 2002.

I rate this EP: 8/10
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