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Various Artists - Acoustic Trauma EP
Turbine Music
Release date: Mon 7th October 2013
Distribution: Triple Vision
format: MP3 / wav / flac
cat no: turb005

a: H.Shiratori - Survive
b: Maject - Hope
c: War Machine - Ecto1
d: Dyl – Rumanisch

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Turbine Music introduce the Acoustic Trauma EP, Kicking off proceedings we welcome back Japanese dnb export, H.Shiratori, with Survive.
Techno Bleeps, bottom end hurting bass and monstrous kicks bubble together nicely to concoct a recipe that fits perfect on the Turbine Music menu. Keep a close eye on this guy, forthcoming solo EP to follow.
New signing Maject bring “hope” to the roster, and with its almost epic trance esque intro it drops into some halftime swing beats and percussion, with its playful bass that doesn’t over complicate the groove, just ading to it with subtle mid range stabs brooding in and out.
A switch up tune that can fit into anyones set with ease, and a fitting debut from Maject.
War Machine also makes his debut on Turbine Music with the lo-fi thriller, Ecto1.
Opening with synthetic keys and simple percussion, it just tempts you in to the drop, and this is where the bass stab does the cone damage. Don’t be fooled, this will make you move on the floor, with is scathes and scratches and switches this sounds great played loud! He’s no stranger to dnb with support from lots of leading lights from doc scott, to loxy and beyond with his own brand of glitched out funk. Check out his own imprint Violation Music for more of his own unique take.
Finishing of the EP is Turbine Music favourite Dyl. Rumanisch is typical of this young man. Opening with a haunted but bright outlook Dyl manages to bring out the darkness within the drop of pure glitch dnb and 808 bass, clever vocal edits act as the main percussion, a unique tune from the Romanian who never fails to deliver something from another world. His second solo EP on Turbine Music is only around the corner, and its something else!

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