V/A - 10.11 (Moving Shadow 10.11)


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Mar 4, 2002
V/A - 10.11 (Moving Shadow 10.11)
This is the one 10.** series that never came out at my local record shop. Now I have the whole set 10.01 - 10.12. This issue has the following tracks: Rob & Goldie "The Shadow", Dom & Optical "Quadrant 6", and Tech Itch "The Dreamer". I don't actually like this techstep sound. Its just a collecting thing for me really. This represents the moving shadow 2000 repress set. I'm adding this after the fact. This "The Shadow" tune is red hot! It says its from 1996 but it sounds more like 1993 darkcore though its EQed much nicer. I'm surprised it sounds so jungly because in this period of time it was "uncool" to use anything but one shot drum hits.
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