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    Did anyone watch this last night on Channel 4?
    Probably the only program i was excited about watching on tv in the past couple of months (apart from Africa)

    I thought it was wicked. Music, cinematography & atmosphere were quality, reminded me alot of Kill List.
    Nice to have something abit darker & more stylish on TV rather than countless reality programs.

    For those who watched it, thoughts? And for those who didnt go 4od it and expect some fairly brutal torture including a spoon and some chilies
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    When i was a kid some religious nutter outside the mall in bexleyheath tried to get me to buy some poorly bound copy of a self published book by this name. Skimming over the blurb it sounds really similar to this :/.

    I think i actually hustled him into giving it to me for free. I'll try and find it next time i go visit my mum as i swear its still about.