Using Multiple MIDI Controllers in FL Studio? (An M-Audio Oxygen 49 & Akai MPD26)


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Hey guys, so I'm having some trouble setting up multiple MIDI controllers in FL Studio in order to use them at the same time. I have no idea what I could be doing wrong, but after spending countless hours trying to solve this issue, I'm just stuck.

I have an M-Audio Oxygen 49 MIDI Keyboard and an Akai MPD-26, but when plugging them both in, the only one that will actually work with any of the VST's is the MPD, while the Oxygen just doesn't function at all when the MPD is plugged in too.

I'm just tired of only being able to use one MIDI controller at a time, for instance, lets say that I'm working on some synths with my Keyboard, and then, oh damn..a clever percussion arrangment pops in my brain that might go well with the synths. But oh wait, hold on...let me just uhh...go through the process of unplugging the keyboard, plugging in the MPD, and THEN clicking "Rescan MIDI devices", just so it'll detect the MPD. Oh....sweet! Now I can work on the percussion to go along with it? But oh I want to add some more synths to see how it'd sound? Oh! No worries! I'll just backtrack, and unplug the MPD, and plug the keyboard back in! So ridiculous, haha.

So if anyone could help, I'd really appreciate it! I read that I possibly have to change the channel on my Oxygen 49 to correspond with the Step Sequencer on FL Studio, and I tried that, but had no luck, unfortunately.

One thing I did notice is, when I had both of them plugged in, I went to the MIDI settings on FL Studio, and realized that for some reason...BOTH my MPD and my Keyboard are considered to be the same "USB Audio Device" under the Input section, which could possibly explain why only one of them is functioning. The Input section also lists, "USB Audio Device 2", "USB Audio Device 3", etc. but none of those are related to the Keyboard or MPD, only the regular "USB Audio Device" seems to be related to both controllers. The way I found out is because every time I try to just use one at a time, both controllers are detected through the regular "USB Audio Device", and then when I try plugging both in and only the MPD works, I will try disabling the USB Audio Device, and then the MPD will stop working altogether.

Hopefully this all makes sense, any help would be appreciated ,thanks guys!