USG Unfortunate Souls Grieve (UK) (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Right, I am pretty sure you are all well aware who USG (Usual Suspect Gang) are, if youre not google them. Monday the 2nd of May 2011 saw the UK’s most prolific rap group drop their first full length collaborative mixtape since USG front man K Koke was signed to Roc Nation.

In my oppinion the mixtape starts off with a fairly weak track in ‘Its On ft Fibbz Butch and Exo’ the track is just lacking a little jenna sais quois to make it more lively, at the moment it comes accross as a few guys on a hype over a beat.

With that said the mixtape starts to pick up pace on the 3rd track ‘Peak by K Koke’. Koke really demonstartes why he got signed to Rocnation and frankly, stopped me from pressing the stop button.

On ‘Soca Melody’ Squing drops what I must say is one of the best verses off the CD, flow, lyrics and delivery all on point.

As USG’s Unfortunate Souls Grieve mixtape unfolds you get a feel of what the USG Ent guys are all about, tracks like ‘Soca Melody, I’ll Never, Peak, Crime Scene, Unfortunate Souls, Addicted and Growing Up’ emphasize why this group of young talented mc’s are so highly regarded throughout the UK and Europe and why their front man is signed to one of the biggest labels in the Hip Hop game.

Overall I would say that any fan of USG woud be a mug not to press that download button at the bottom of the screen and that any fans of UK rap/Street music also need to download this FREE UK MIXTAPE.

With that said I would feel like a complete fool if I didnt recognise the fact that USG’s Unfortunate Souls Grieve mixtape isn’t for everybody and that anyone who isn’t into all the street/gang banging/hyped up rap music is definately going to want to give this a miss.