Urbanthology presents : JungleTechno live mix from Topbuzz


Top Buzz:
Through out the nineties there was one act that very quickly became synonymous with the Hardcore Rave scene, playing at every party and responsible for producing some of the biggest anthems of the time, they were Top Buzz. Originally formed in the late 80's by three guys from London called Jason Kaye, Mikee B & MC Mad P. The guys started off performing at local London nights and slowly they worked thier way around the UK building up thier reputation. During the early 1990s Mikee B took a back seat for a while before returning as a memeber of the famous Dream Team and left Jason & Mad P to continue building the Top Buzz name through the early 90's.

Over the next Five years Top Buzz became one of the top Rave acts in the World. Jason with his silky smooth DJing style and choice of tunes and Mad P's infectious vocals left a generation of Ravers with wonderful memories. They headlined at countless parties, becoming legends of Amnesia, Dreamscape, Fantazia, Obsession, Perception, Raindance, Telepathy & Tribal Gathering and many many more, there was hardly a major rave in the early 90's that they weren't playing at. It was during this era that Mad P coined the now infamous term, "Jungle Techno" to describe this exciting new sound that was emerging from the Rave scene and had to be the title for this latest Urbanthology release.

In 1990 the guys hooked up with the Infamous Basement Records and recorded a string of releases such as "Living In Darkness" & "Maintain Her", which helped forge the sound we now call Drum & Bass. They also recorded some top remixes of acts such as The Prodigy, Raging Rockers, Anthill Mob, A Homeboy a Hippie & A Funki Dredd & Criminal Mindz. Thier Anthem "Living in Darkness" has become one of the seminal Rave Tunes and features in just about every ravers collection.

So with a huge following for both thier Live performances and releases you'll understand when you put this CD in your player, you will instantly feel a tingle through your spine, you will fly back to days gone by, as soon as the first beat drops and Mad Ps' voice comes across, you will realise that there was a music and a time that can never be forgotten. Bring on Jungle Techno, bring on Top Buzz

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