Urban Veteran Recordings - "No Were To Run" press release


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Urban Veteran Recordings are proud to bring to you their brand new release, the innovative Nowhere to Run EP by Linden D and Noshad Defiance, a highly talented emcee and producer combination. Infusing elements of Grime and Dubstep, the four track EP takes the listener into a dark and gloomy urban environment with aggressive bass lines on every street corner and cut throat, contemporary lyrics. Instantly you are drawn into the title of the collection, Nowhere to Run, warning you of the musical carnage that’s in store!

Opening with the title track, the direct and repetitive lyrics are chanted as the pace gathers quickly behind Linden D before releasing into Grime inspired Dubstep and keeping the listener imprisoned within four musical walls. The sampling of the distorted female vocals ring around Nowhere to Run and add to the cautious atmosphere that is constant throughout.

Second up is the defiant and powerful Own Time, once again with the half time vocals being held at the forefront. The repetitive chanting of ‘I can make it in my own time’ conveys a message of individuality which is set to a funky grime step production background with the bass line rocking back and forth in true skanking style.

The penultimate offering on the Nowhere to Run EP, Never Give Up offers the same defiant message as the previous track, gathering the soldiers with the rhythmic war cries and coming with a faster Dubstep that has elements of Drum and Bass and creates a sense of urgency and movement. This is definitely the most lively track on Nowhere to Run and comes with the most energy.

The fourth and final track Don’t Underestimated opens with a more production focus beginning, the scaling synths and alternating bass line stop starts and jigs creating instant dynamic and flow. The cheeky lyrics are chatted in time to the beat making the chorus of Don’t a cheerful number before reverting to those infamous contemporary and cutting edge lyrics.
Nowhere to Run EP is the best Grime/Dubstep EP to be released in years by a winning combination.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JGess080Ig - Never Give Up

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Efv9sYi0Ht0 - Own Time

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CauF_CaEpg -No Where To Run.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...&v=VpEVRfxZFtA - Dont Underestimate

Urban Veterans Previous release "Dragonlord" a double A side by Illtaktix is out now to download from all good digital download stores.


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