Urban Takeover 'THE ARSONIST EP'

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    Ez all,

    Just to let you know the new Urban Takeover EP, 'THE ARSONIST EP', is out on promo today!!


    A, Mickey Finn & Aphrodite - Arsonist (THE FORCE RMX)
    B, THE FORCE - Crime Spree
    C, THE FORCE - Rudeboy Shufflin'
    D, Mickey Finn & Aphrodite - Bad Ass (Dope Ammo RMX).

    Also available today on main release is 'THE DIBBY DIBBY SOUND EP' (see tracklisting below).

    A, THE FORCE - Pistol Whippin'
    B, Erb 'n' Dub - New Era
    C, Mickey Finn & Aphrodite - Bad Ass (Nicol & Majistrate RMX)
    D, THE FORCE - Dibby Dibby Sound

    For dj bookings or any other enquires see the links below.

    Thanks for your time!!