URBAN REVOLT Series: DJ COMPETITION.... Massive Prize >>>

Now we are 2 releases in on the 3 part Urban Revolt Series, and also the 3rd part also now available on Promo, and the UNMIXED CD just around the corner, and also FULL 320kbs MP3's available @ Chemical / Beatport / DJDownload.com / ATSDigital.com / KarmaDownload.com and new outlets added daily... we are ready to launch the Urban Revolt Series competition....

The Winner:

2 Outbreak T Shirts (1 Black & 1 Blue)
Signed copies of the 3 EP's
Hand pick 10 12's / EP's from the Outbreak / Outbreak Limited Vinyl Back Catalogue (where stock available)
CD copy of The whole series UNMIXED
A copy of The Panacea's forthcoming 12" OUTB036

The competition:

Simply mix the twelve tracks from the Urban Revolt series. The best mix takes the lot.... Remember ONLY use the tracks from the 3 EP's, and all tracks must be used.

To Enter do one of the following:

Post links to your mix in this thread.
Send em over to me via AIM: ResonantEvil666
Post a cd to: Outbreak Mix Competition, Ryder Music, Unit 5, Europa Studio's, Victoria Road, London, NW10 6ND

Sorry No MINIDISC Entries.........

Anyone having problems getting us a mix, or hosting etc, leave a message in this thread and we will help you work it out.

DEADLINE: End of August........


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Re: URBAN REVOLT Series THE COMPETITION.... Massive Prize >>>

Get on it people! :slayer:

Some wicked DJ's on this site.