Urban Essence.11: Fade

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    Following on from his release on Chemical Ally’s fledgling label Rooted Recordings, Ukrainian badman Fade drops in with his interpretation of our new ‘Five Steps’ feature. Fade was also kind enough to leave us with a rather tasty guest mix.

    Mix link: http://official.fm/tracks/jcoT


    Lynx feat. Kemo - Dive Deep In [Warm Comms dub]
    Axon - Danger Close [Drum & Bass on Demand LP]
    Fade - Dark Days [dub]
    Xtrah - Soundclash [Critical]
    Sunchase - Ultimate Survival [X-tinction Agenda]
    Fade - Song of the Stars [Faded Music dub]
    Heavy 1 - Maya [Drum & Bass on Demand LP]
    Mortem - Iceberg [Metalheadz dub]
    Ed:it - Element [Drum & Bass on Demand LP]
    2Sides - True Skull [Rooted 001]
    Fade - Insider [Rooted 001]
    Chemical Ally & Lady Flava - Imagination Of Yourself (Spirit Remix) [Rooted 001]
    Calyx & Teebee feat Kemo - Pure Gold [Ram]
    Audio - Bad Seed [Freak]
    Krakota - Scraper [Ingredients]
    Audio - Headroom [Virus]
    Fade - Buck the System [dub]
    Calyx & Teebee feat. Foreign Beggars - We Become One [Ram]
    ??? - ???