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Mar 21, 2002
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Dont quite understand what you mean mate. Do you need links to sets or somewhere to download them, or what???

Theres a load of sets on DnB Arena, try a Shy FX or Hype one, they're sure to have plenty of 'upbeat' tunes in em. Sorry I couldnt help more, bud!


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Aug 17, 2002
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try this one from me

Synertia- July Mix

1. Ram Trilogy- Beastman- Ram 00:00
2. Cause 4 Concern- Eggplant- Red Light 03:03
3. Influx Datum- Back for More- Formation 05:30
4. DJ Sifu- Proofrock (Marcus Intalex Rmx) 09:01
5. Optimus Prime (Twisted Individual)- So Good- Inflicted 11:50
6. Total Science- Juicy Fruit (Calibre Rmx)- CIA 14:59
7. Marky & XRS Land- LK- V 19:00
8. MIST:I:CAL- Mistical Dub- Soul;R 23:12
9. Breakage & Threshold- 8-Bit- Reinforced 27:04
10. Tech Itch- The Ruckus- Penetration 30:20
11. Bad Company- Planet Dust- Prototype 34:55
12. Adam F & MOP- Stand Clear (Origin Unknown Rmx)- Kaos 38:30
13. Dom & Keaton- Twisted City- Moving Shadow 42:43
14. Universal Project- Soundclash- True Playaz 47:24
15. Twisted Individual- F Word- Formation 50:13
16. Calyx- Fusion- V 54:29
17. Roni Size & MC Tali D- Lyric on my Lip- Full Cycle 57:13
18. Accidental Heroes- Ghost Train- Infrared 60:46
19. Subject Matter (Total Science)- No Justice- Access 64:18
20. Squarepusher- Untitled- Warp 66:29


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Jan 30, 2002
I wish this kinda stuff was radio material. Then maybe radio would have some kind of meaning rather than an endless barrage of jizz injected through the ears directly to the brain.

And damn I wish KoolFM would work
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