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Jungle Hunter
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Easy all, as your aware we've got a reviews section on the site & it's mainly been filled by forthcoming releases by the larger labels & artists. I wanna try something a little different with the way the page is showcased, by adding more reviews of tracks that you guys have done,so it gives you a little more exposure, admittedly it's not Knowledge magazine or Context but it's a start.
What I'm looking for are artist's who have fully completed tracks (not 30 second loops) which they are willing to pass over, & get reviewed by myself under constructive critiscm. In return you get a whole page in the reviews section about your tune, it will be fully broken down & examined to the best of my reviewing ability & given an overall scoring between 1-10.
Now as this is only an idea I'm hoping I can gather some support from you guys so anyone interested PM me & we can have a chat about it a bit more in depth. If your not sure what my judgement & writing up of tracks are like have a look in the reviews section to see how I go about reviewing new tunes.

Looking forward to it. :spliff:

jay walker

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Fer shizzle, a well good idea, will burn up that cd I was tellin ya id do, would love a comprehensive breakdown of my production :not_worth

Indeed, hold tight for Reapa records - the fuse has been lit, now run for cover while this shit gets explosive! :smash: :smash: :smash: