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All the vinyls ive accumulated from job lots or ones i dont want anymore:

Dirty Harry - Gunfingers / Fuck Headquarters [Frontline]

DJ Hazard - Selector / Use Your Brain [Ganja]

Capone (Dillinja) - Style Baby / No Food [Test]

Afrokid (Lemon D) - Pharoahs Order / 2Morrow People [Test]

Recluse / Dee3Dee - Unexplained / Nuff Reasons [Radius]

Distorted Minds - Fight Club / Lookin For Us? [D-Style] (Blank Case)

Jakeim vs Hazard - Could It Be (Hazard Remix) [One Sided Promo]

Deadly P vs Kinetic - Nightmares / Murda [Deadly] (Blank Case)

DJ Fresh - Music Maker EP (2 Vinyls) - Elm Street (Fresh and Vegas) / Shinobi - Switch / Without U (Blank Case)

Dillinja & Lemon D - Big Bad Bass EP (5 Vinyls): [Valve]

Thugged Out Bitch / Find A Way
Just Warmin' Up / I Cant Take This
Get Dirty / Check 1, 2
B-Bop V.I.P. / Mr Mellow
It Aint Too Loud / Leapard Skin Guntees

Drumsound And Bassline / Roni Size - Booty Call / Bus Stop [Street Technique]

Pendulum - Tarantula / Fasten Your Seatbelt [Breakbeat Kaos]

DJ Fresh - Nervous Original Mix / Nervous Sub Focus Remix [Breakbeat Kaos]

Kid Cudi Vs Crookers - Day N Night Remixs - Tc Remix / TCs Heads Up Mix and Brackles Mix [Data Records]

Artificial Intelligence - Bloodlines / Malarone Dreams [Widescreen]

High Contrast - Everythings Different / Green Screen [Hospital]

Dope Ammo - Jazz Funk (Baron Remix) / 22-74 [Dope Ammo]

Baron - Drive In, Drive By / St Elmo [Breakbeat Kaos]

High Contrast - Basement Track / Accapella Mix [Hospital Records]

Zinc ft Fugees - Ready Or Not (Zincs 2003 RMX) / Ready or Not (Original Zinc MIX) [White Label Promo]

Blaze vs High Contrast - Most Precious Love (High Contrast RMX) / Most Prescious Love (Dub) [White Label Promo]

High Contrast vs Kanye West - Goldigger (High Contrast Mix) [One Sided White Label Promo]

Shy FX - Feelings / Ruling Sound [Digital Soundboy] (Blank Case)

Micky Finn & Erb N Dub vs Foreign Beggars / Pugz - Hold On (RMX) / System 32 [Dented Records] PICTURE DISK

Deep Sound EP Part 3 - Zen / Mutated Forms - Sunday / Green Aquarium [White Label Promo]

Xample & Sol vs Ray Keith - Consciousness (Original Mix) / Consciousness (Ray Keith Remix) [Penny Black Records White Label Promo]

Shimon & Special A - Live Round / Release Fear [Frequency White Label Promo]

The Upbeats, Evol Intent, Ewun - Smash / Planet Earth [Non-Vogue]

Dylan & Friction - Polluted Soul / Inner Sense [Outbreak]

Jo - R-Type (Shogun Audio Friction Remix) / R-Type (Original Mix) [Shogun]

Total Science / Q Project - Nosher (Baron Remix) / Safety Clause (Tango & Ratty Remix) [CIA]

DJ Zinc - Ska (Remix) / Fruitella [TruePlayaz]

DJ Zinc - Steppin Stones (Zinc and Friction Remix) / Mistral [Bingo]

Dylan and Ink - California Curse (Dylan and Loxy Remix) - California Curse (Technical Itch Remix) [Outbreak]

D-Kay / Concorde Dawn - The Martians / Bad Bones (Remix) [Freak] (Not in original Case)

D-Kay and Rawfull - Be There 4 U Remixs - Dylan and Robyn Chaos Remix / Concord Dawn Remix [Freak]

Fierce and Cause4Concern / Fierce and Break - Carrier (Gridlock Remix) / Food Chain [Quarantine]

Freeland - We Want Your Soul Remixs - Ed Rush and Optical Remix / Infusion Remix [Freeland]

Origin Unknown - Valley Of The Shadows / Truly One [Ram]

DJ Friction & Nu-Balance - Robocop / Slipstream [True Playaz]

DJ Zinc - In Bass We Trust EP (2 Vinyls) - Thinking Back / Creeper - Steroidz / Creeper (Instrumental) [Bingo]

Logistics - Blackout / Krusty Bass Rinser [Hospital] PICTURE DISK

Dillinja - Twist Em Out (Fresh Remix) / Twist Em Out (Skibadee Remix) [Trouble On Vinyl]

Mampi Swift - Jaws / Reality [Charge]

Bad Company - Mo' Fire (Bad Company UK Original Mix) / Mo' Fire (Dillinja Remix) [BCUK]

Dillinja - This Is A Warning / Super DJ [Valve]

Drumsound and Bassline ft Ragga Twins - Ragga Twins Story (Full Vocal Mix) / Ragga Twins Story (Dub mix) [Sativa] PICTURE DISK

The Professionals - Flava 4 Raver / Roll Out ft Dotty [Times 2]

Jenna G - For Lost Friends EP (2 vinyls) - In Love / Heavy - Pleasure Ride / Dont Bury Me [Bingo]

Blame - Prophecy / Tyrant [Charge]

S.M.O.K.E. - Zombie / Raygun [Charge]

DJ Fresh - Escape From Planet Monday LP (2 Vinyls) - X Project/Funk Acadamy - Babylon Rising / Pink Panther [Breakbeat Kaos]

Logistics - Now More Than Ever LP (4 Vinyls) - Call Me Back / The Divide - Falling For You / Red Sky At Night - Winter Blues / Inhale - Every Beat Of The Heart / Now More Than Ever [Hospital]

High Contrast - High Society LP (4 Vinyls) - Lovesick / High Society - The Persistence Of Memory / Natural High - Tutti Frutti / Yesterdays Colours - Brief Encounter / Angels and Fly [Hospital]

Snapshot / 26 Bass [Full Cycle] (the 26 bass side of this has some scratch rings on the surface, although does not appear to affect the play of the record)

Time Out / Bite the Bullet [Full Cycle]

Dirty Beats (Wookies Dark Mix/Bushwacka! Remix) / Satisfied Friends [Reprazent]

Snapshot / Sorry For You [Full Cycle]

Siren Sounds (Ray Keith Remix) / At The Movies (Drumsound and Bassline Remix) [Full Cycle]

Scrambled Eggs / Swings and Roundabouts [Full Cycle]

Kaos, Karl K & Jae Kennedy Feat. Concord Dawn & Basic Operations - Soul On Fire [Concord Dawn RMX] / Studio 54 [Basic Operations RMX] [Dieselboy]

Benny Page [Soundclash] - Raggamuffin / Crying Out [Dirty Dubz]

L Double / Acetate - The Pledge / Style Warz [Flex Camp]

John B - Up All Night [RMX] / Diversify [RMX] [Metalheadz]

Tali - Lyric On My Lip / District Line [Full Cycle]

Zen - Flipmode / Mmm Bongo [Reformed]

Dj Hazard - Hold It / Enuff Iz Enuff [Ganja]

Dope Skillz (Zinc) - No Diggidy / Break The Loop [True Playaz]

Red One - Sweet Music / Dont Stop (Promo) [Liftin Spirits]

Baron - Digital / See Me Burning [Advanced]

Steppa / Kitcha - Gangsta Boogie / Animal Dirt Bag [Blueprint]

Calibre - Fire & Water / Interphase [Soul:R]

DJ Surge - Chess Boxing / Countdown [Full Cycle]

Prode - Pritchit / Rule Of A Gene [Collective]

Kilo - Blinded / Push & Pull [Dope Dragon]

Formation Monthly Vinyl Series - January, March, April, August, October (Various Artists inc. G Dub, Zen, Twisted Individual)
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