DnB Untitled Jungle WIP

Sounds good man, theres a few issues with how coherent it is at times, maybe a bit much going at once.

Your mixdown levels seem a bit all over th place, drums too weak for instance but the track in itself has great ideas.
idea is not bad bruva, does need some work tho, not6 all the elements fit together imo and there is definatly some elements that are out of time, u need to do a bit of eq work to make everything sit nicely, try useing some saturation on ur drums also to help make them more prominent, keep at it mate its all trial and error
Thanks dude. Your absolutely right in all you say. I need to work on timing and other areas. Tbh I was just pleased to make something that vaguely sounded like a drum and bass tune. Gonna knuckle down though and see if I can make it to a level above this
tbh mate, and im not making this up, but ive accidently moved massive chunks of my tune out of time then saved it, so the tune is fu@cked, but lessons learnt
oooops make somthing new then are u just using stems or are u using a synth to make ur sounds
ill make something else. 808 for the bass, Serum for the other bass, one piano (or whatever it is) sample, Operator for the slightly tuneful percussive noise that runs throughout, and thats about it. so a mixture of synths and samples really
yeh man u should get massive and serum synth wise, and for precussiuon vengeance packs are a must imo, look for the essential clubsound packs, here is a website i use to get all my vsts an packs https://vstorrent.ru/
ok dude will check it out, many thanks. Love Serum and might get Massive. Ive got a few Vengeance packs but not clubsounds, will take a look. The vengence stuff is undoubtably high quality, but i rarely use then as cant find many sounds i actually like, though maybe clubsounds is better.
ok mate, sounds like a plan! i did saturate the drums on this but took it off, would try again with less saturation if i hadnt ruined the tune
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