Untitled First Song


The piano and strings (?) are certainly dramatic. Some really slow drums come in at :50. Okay, interesting way to get to the drop at about 1:00. Maybe you could add voices to the buildup to lead us into the drop more? You totally change the drums at 1:40, and I am not feeling the change. Breakdown at 2:07 is nice. I feel like the "point" of the song is at 2:20; maybe we could have heard that upper/mid voice in clips or snippets earlier, to know it's coming. Interesting modulation coming in at 2:50ish, though the song feels like it's losing direction, a bit. Nice vibe by the 3:30 mark. The voice clip at 3:50 or so is out of left field... And the piano which was such a big part of the beginning was not in the ending.

It's a really good start; certainly better than my first song. I do think you might want to consider ways to make the song more cohesive, maybe by echoing melodies across voices, or hinting at different voices earlier and later in the track. Still, great start.
Yeah track needs a lot of work but got some nice ideas in here.

I'll keep it brief, first thoughts, piano riffs are all fine, but if your gonna have them sparsely then you need something to fill the space inbetween. This can be long verb or another sound. You could try taking some bottom off, running some delay>verb>heavy compression, in that order then looping it. EQ it so maybe its not so intrusive, or try some AM radio style EQ+distortion. Anything so it doesn't sound like a preset, which it does at the moment. Try sampling your riff, and reversing it back in every other bar. Send time on this and don't move on until you got an intro that sounds the dogs....

The percussion is clean, but just too light. Take the verb off and work with it until you got everything sounding fat, and loud . . Roll anything off below 100hz for the snare and make sure your kick/snare/hats are all on different channels then run them through a send with some saturation>compression and get the snare to punch through everything like it owns the track. Layer snares lavishly. I used 4 in my last one so don't be shy.
really good first go! i didnt really 'get' the first sections, seemed a little like a bit too much experimentation, - i would of took 2.20 , used the crazy arpeggiated synth (which is realy really nice) and used it somewhere in the intro, then broke it down to bring it back in for the drop, drums are actually neaaat for a first tune id just humanize the hats a little more (play with velocitys and pitch to make for nice shaker sounds) then lay off the verb a tiny bit. pretty good tune all in all i listened all the way through without getting bored haha