untitled - danceflooor liquid (wip)


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ez lads, this is one i got most of the bulk down for just some sequencing left to do i think, do u rekcon its worth finishing? cos for some reason my daw lost a few of my drum samples and its gna take a while to fish em out i think. will put it up for download just wondering if anyone would play it?

i dont think id have the durmstep part so early, some rearranging needs ot be done, and for some reason the one piano is way too loud, hopefully u can hear the rest of the tune tho.

nice one


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I like this man, deffo need to get those drum samples back, sounds a bit weak. The drumstep bit is nice man, works well at the second drop buit yeah move it back in the first verse I recon. Maybe a little variation the piano riff, maybe a few stabs and with less delay length.. just throwing some ideas about. :)

Do finish it tho i recon!