Drum & Bass UnteK - Royal [Free Download Soon !]

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    Mar 18, 2015
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    Hi guy'z.
    Today i woke up, made coffee and as usual got on facebook.
    After a while i got bored so i opened FL after some quite time. I clicked on "file" and in recent tab i saw "Royal".
    I was like what is that? I opened it up and found some dry bass and interesting percussions that i made like month ago. Then i realized "wow i didn't produce anything in a while".
    So i started layering sounds and scrolling through samples until i found really nice piano. When i played sample, whole idea popped up in my head. After 2 hours track got nice shape and i decided to share it with you guy'z.
    This is just a demo, but i promise full track really soon with free download.
    Leave some feedback and enjoy !
    UnteK - Royal