Unsigned Mix...

Ok dokey a while back I did a wee mix on a DOA Unsigned tip. So was thinking it was time I did another!

Sooooo, I'm up for dnb in all styles - and maybe even some non dnb bits just for the craic! If you'd be interested in submitting a track for possible inclusion in the mix please do the following...

1) Upload a 320kbps version of the track somewhere - preferably proper server space but http://www.sendspace.com is the preferred alternative if not - please DO NOT use megaupload as it is complete baws
2) drop me a PM on here or contact me on myspace at http://www.myspace.com/paul_reset - I check it every coupla days so I'll defo get the message.

To give people enough time to maybe finish tracks they're working on - the closing date for submissions is Friday the 2nd of November. I'll then go through a final run of choosing the tracks and do the actual mix over the next week and have it online.

If you've no idea who I am, you can check out some of my previous mixes at http://paulresetmixes.blogspot.com and I also run a label with Pyro called Nerve Recordings - http://www.myspace.com/nerverecordings