Unsigned Drum and Bass from Perth, Australia


Kinematic Recordings
Nov 10, 2002
Perth, Australia

Come, sign up and be amazed at the quality of tunes coming from the most isolated city in the world.

Artists to check out:

myself :D


Theyre all wicked!

Do you run, or are considering running a label? All these artists are free agents and alot of these tunes need homes. We make sure the original artist retains copyright and the tunes online are not mastered usually or in a releasable quality of encoding so don't bother trying to rip anyone off... But do realise the quality of some of these tunes and consider signing them up so they can progress as artists and grow with drum and bass globally.

The site features a full messageboard and all the artists frequent the site daily. If you are interested in one of the artists for your label, or you're a dj and wish to play the tunes off cd-r or press to a single dubplate.. please feel free to take advantage of the easy to use messaging system and ask the artist about your intentions. Just sign up (for free) and click 'send message'... type in the artists name and it will get to them...

I see sites such as this the great stepping stone for artists to stick together, grow together and eventually get signed. And a great resource for up and coming djs who wish to support unsigned artists and play up-front tunes.

So I hereby present perth to the world... Your comments and suggestions are more than welcome.
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