Unproductive and creativ urges

Hey guys,
how is your production going?
To produce a track, I need influences, ideas, creativity and a clear mind.
There are times, I sit in my studio in front of all those synths and controllers and have no idea what to do.
I call it the uncreativ times.
I mentioned, if that's the case, don't push yourself to do something. It won't work.
Mostly I leave my studio alone, read a book, go outside...

Do you have this problem too?
I got that ever month 4 or 5 days. I don't matter that much about it.
Just wondering, if you are constantly working on your stuff and forcing yourself.

And what's your producing time?
My most creativ moments start round midnight :teeth:
They call me Mister nightowl.

At the moment everything is well and I'm working on some badass filthy Dubstep Track.

Have a good night my friends.

Cheers D


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happens to me every month too.
We aren't talking about your period.

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But there already is a thread on this, basically just go out and take a break, and still think about producing. Maybe read a book about your daw or whatever