Unlimited Vibes - Chch, NZ - Carbon

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    Friday 30th July - $5 - Carbon

    Gamble - Switch - Rufio - Mysterious D - GT and introducing Sketch

    This night will focus on the diversity of Drum n Bass. Mysterious D is well known for his mixing skillz having won the DnB section at decknology in 2003, in the studio he is best known for his collaborations with brother Confucius, pumping out tracks such as the 2003 classic 'Red Carpet' featuring Raggadon.

    Gamble, Rufio and Switch (another past Decknology DnB champ) form the backbone of the Urban Notion camp alongside MC GT, expect large doses of Funk, Grime, dirty dirrrty beatz and booty shakin' action. Check for some live Saxophone licks layed down for good measure.

    Sketch supplies this night with its requisite portion of Liquid Funk goodness. From the heights of High Contrast's disco inspired classics, the depth of Calibre's sound, the freshness of artists such as Commix, Nu Tone, Logistics and Laroque and the pure dancefloor madness of Marcus Intalex, Sketch has it all covered.

    For info on upcoming events join our mailing list:
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