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Mar 13, 2009
sorry for bump


My friend sent me a mix the other day, which she does not have the tracklisting for, and I really wana know if anyone knows who did it, or where I can find the tracklisting?

By the way its a really mini mix, like 5 secs between each track, and there are loads of tunes in there, a lot i know, and a lot I dont, and I wanna know some of them really badly!

If not, could anyone identify the songs at:

2.59-3.04 (the song, not the Dillinja vocals, and its the tune before grimey kicks in)
4.07-4.22 (i think it might be more than one song, but i want to know all of them if poss)

Anyway, thanks so much if you can help me at all




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Dec 19, 2008
is that the zinc mini mix?
if so ...

LTJ Bukem- Horizons
Dead Dread- Dread Bass
Q Project- Champion sound
>>>> Andy C & Shimon- Quest
Zinc- Super sharp shooter
Origin Unknown- valley of the shadows
Zinc- Six million ways to die
Hype- Closer to god
Zinc- On fire tonite (?)
Pascal- P funk era
Adam F- Circles
Andy C & shimon- Recharge
Hype- Peace Love and unity
Souljah- Fade to black
Zinc- ready or not remix
Krust- warhead
Ed Rush & Optical- Funktion
>>>> SS- Lighter
Adam F- Metropolis
Zinc- Super sharp shooter (again)
Moving Fusion- Turbulence
Ram trilogy- No reality
MIST- How you make me feel
Ed Rush & Optical- Bacteria
>>>> Ed Rush & optical- Watermelon
Ed Rush & optical- kerbkrawler
Ed Rush & Optical- Compound
Roni Size- Share the fall
Dillinja- Go dillinja
Ed Rush & Optical- Alien Girl
Roni Size- pressure rise (remix?)
Ram Trilogy- Titan
Rymetyme???- Move
Andy C & Shimon- Bodyrock
Digital & Spirit- Phantom force
Die- Drop bear
Die- Clear skies
Johnny L- Piper
Ed Rush & optical- Pacman (Ram trilogy remix)
Solid State- just a vision (mist remix)
????- Ultra disease
Marky- LK
Roni Size- Jazzy thing
Zinc- Fair Fight
Lenny Fontana & Zero tolerence- Spread love
Shy Fx & T Power- Shake your body
Shimon- Hush hush
>>>> Bad Company- Torpedo
Mampi Swift- The one
Roni Size- brown paper bag
PFM- The western
>>>> Konflict- Messiah
Roni Size- Trust me
Kraken- Side effects
Distorted minds- T-10
>>>> Bad Company- Planet dust
>>>> John B- Blandwagon poos
Dillinja- Grimey
haitiris- Spaced invaders (J majik remix)
Kosheen- Hide you (remix)
Pendulum- Vault
Bad Company- The nine
Badmarsh & Shri- Signs (Calibre remix)
High Contrast- Bassment track
Zinc- Ska
Krust- Never can tell
>>>> Fresh- Signal
Zinc- Casino royale (remix)
D bridge- true Romance
>>>> Capone- Twist em out
D Kay- Its on the way
Pendulum- Masochist
Rawhill Kru- mo' fire
Pendulum- Another planet
2DB- Oddysey
>>>> Dillinja- All aboard
>>>> Dillinja- In the grind
Mr L- Roots
>>>> High Contrast- racing green
Subfocus- X Ray
Roni Size- 26 bass
Zinc feat miss dynamite- freenote
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