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    May 1, 2010
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    HIGHly reccomend coming, some unreal reggae/roots/dub seriuz business!

    Presenting from France, the South Dub Warrior:
    Lion Roots,Entebbe & Aba-Shanti-I

    It's a fucking good line up, and I never seen Lion Roots but he's meant to be quality, and obviously Aba-Shanti is king!

    Anyway, it's at Scala in Kings Cross, essentially a legalised weed zone - also if you've never been to a dub event before (and I don't mean dubstep) you cannot understand the amount of bass

    Also this ain't an advertisment cus I dnt work for em and I'm just saying if you miss it to go to another Playaz Night you'll really be missing out

    here's the link to the website: