United Mastering (Top Quality Final Mastering, High Accuracy, Cheap Prices, Quick!)

Hey all! I would like to announce my mastering service to you all! Very simple process, basically when your tunes are done, go into our store, that is if you are satisfied with our results!

Then purchase either our "Single Track Mastering" aka the Gold Package
[$35 + 15% off (x1 Track)]
[$35 + 20% off (x2 Tracks)]
[$35 + 25% off (x3 Tracks)]

Then we have our Platinum package, aka the 4 track EP mastering service:
[$110 + 25% off total price]

And our Rainbow Package, our infinite unlimited "send as many tracks as you want and like" service! It is where you choose how many tracks beyond the 4 limit you want to send, and we send you a quote along with multiple discounts, one for a discount on the entire service itself as a whole, and one for use next time on anything in our store!

Here is an example of our work we do!