United Mastering! Professional Quality Sound!! Cheap Prices!!! 100% Guaranteed!!!!

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    Hey everybody! I would like to announce here my services for any mastering you need. Personally I cannot get enough of drum and bass so those are the examples but you can hear a clear difference of night and day within the comparisons! My work is 100% proffesional, 100% high quality, and 100% fully accurate and true to sound! Well as much as current technology can handle today at least :p

    Anyways, our prices are as follows:

    $15 for 1 single track!

    $45 for 4 tracks (eps, or just 4 individual track ,whatever basically)

    and inquire about more then 4 tracks! Ill give you a custom price and a discount!

    All orders can be placed here in our store in which case instructions will be placed on exactly how to submit a proper mixdown to me!

    Just follow our instructions exactly step by step and we will be able to make this a smooth, happy, satisfied transaction! <3

    Please please please let me know if the instructions don't work after your purchase! I will fix that immediately!!! I will provide temporary instructions through pm here! But it should work!! Let me know though! All my love everyone!
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