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Oct 20, 2008

Swift Joins Unique Artists


Unique Artists is proud to announce the addition of Mampi Swift, the drum & bass king of double drops, to their roster. For those of you who haven’t been paying attention for the past decade, Mampi Swift has been smacking up dancefloors across the globe with his own inimitable style, impeccable technical decksterity (sorry, cheap pun) and a fat bag full of Charge Recordings dubplates since 1997. He’s contributed more than one anthem to the drum & bass annals, including the immense ‘The One’, a cunning mash of stepping breakbeat pressure that had crowds throughout the late ‘90s clamouring for the reload. Now, in preparation for his brand new album project ‘I Am Legend’ which drops early next year, Unique Artists is gearing up for worldwide tours featuring the big man himself right now. Promoters, get in touch!


BCUK (Maldini & Vegas)


Still one of the biggest names in the game, BCUK, otherwise known as Maldini & Vegas, have a whole bunch of new material waiting in the wings that is sure to set dancefloors alight. First up come two massive tracks for Breakbeat Kaos, ‘Hide & Sneak’ featuring Kyomi is a rewind anthem of massive proportions, while Maldini & Vegas team up with Sylo to rework ‘Breathe’, a track from Adam F’s live band project, Malpractice. Both of those are expected before the end of the year. Then Maldini hooks up with The Upbeats to deliver ‘The Bends’ for Non Vogue, The Upbeats new label, and Vegas gets back in on the action for a brand new EP on Bad Taste Recordings. As always you can hear these tracks first by getting these boys to your event, click here to book BCUK.



For those who don’t know, DJ Cabbie has exploded onto the Drum & Bass scene this year with a string of hot releases on some of the most respected labels around. And the heat does not let up either, as Cabbie has more dancefloor bombs ready to drop on Chronic, NAM Muzik, Junction 11, Calypso Muzak and his own brand new label, Pollution. Add to that a team up with Crystal Clear that’s set DJ Hype’s ears buzzing and is set to come out on his infamous Ganja imprint, and you have one very busy boy! If you want to check out Cabbie’s skills behind the decks, you can hit up his DOA mix, or even better, you can get him to your party! Click here to book Cabbie.



Drum & Bass’ premiere femme fatale is still riding high, as ever. Last year’s DOA mix is still receiving praise, and regular rotation on the stereos and mp3 players of hordes of fans, while her live dates confirm her as one of America’s hottest D&B exports. Busy working hard in the studio, producing tracks and recording vocals for herself and other artists, Empress has recently signed the immense bassline roller ‘Distracted’ to legendary label Renegade Hardware. Meanwhile a new mix and a blog giveaway of one of her most asked about tracks, ‘Only Love’, will keep her fanbase happy before her planned UK / EU tour beginning in February next year. Promoters, get booking now!

J Majik


Back for the summer with new mixes and extra tracks, including the massive ‘Dubplate Killaz VIP’ and Brookes Brothers remix of the single 'Crazy World', J Majik & Wickaman’s gargantuan album is the talk of the town right now. With the single itself picking up daytime play on Radio 1 and love from the likes of Pete Tong, Annie Mac, Zane Lowe and a whole bunch more, it’s no wonder J Majik’s bookings are going through the roof! While he and fellow Infrared cohort Wickaman have been working hard on stacks of new material, it’s about time you got him to an event in your town and give your crowd a chance to check all the freshest dubplate action from this camp. Click here to book J Majik.



With the imminent re-release of the seminal ‘Wormhole’ album and V!RUS tour nights all over the country, it’s somewhat surprising that Ed Rush & Optical have time in their busy schedules to work on a new project. But, that’s exactly what they have been doing, and 2009 is set to see the release of their strongest album to date. Provisionally titled ‘Travel The Galaxy’, the new album is encased in secrecy with the pair keeping things tight lipped for the moment. So, the only way you’re going to get a preview is to catch one of Optical’s sets this winter. Click here to book Optical.



Since exploding onto the scene with a selection of anthemic releases on Charge, Bingo and Viper, Sigma have made a name for putting out D&B with an emphasis on quality, not quantity. With their reworking of Roni Size & DJ Die’s ‘Music Box’ still rinsing out in clubs across the globe, the boys have decided it’s about time to launch their own label and, if you’re anything like us, you’re excited about the prospect of more Sigma beats in DJs’ boxes! The label is scheduled to start releasing tracks before the end of the year, but if you can’t wait, you should get Sigma down to one of your events where they’ll be happy to showcase all their fresh audiological meat. Click here to book Sigma.


  • Bad Company UK (Maldini & Vegas)
  • DJ Cabbie
  • DJ Empress (NYC)
  • DJ Pascal
  • DJ Trace
  • J.Majik
  • Jumpin Jack Frost
  • Optical
  • Sigma (ft. former UK DMC Champion)
  • MC Flux
  • MC Master X


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