Unique Artists New 09 - Optical, Ryme Tyme, J Majik & More


Happy New Year from Unique Artists

Hello all and welcome to the first update of 2009 from Unique Artists. First of all we want to say a big thank you to all the promoters who’ve booked and supported our DJs throughout 2008 and to all the party-goers who’ve attended the events, thanks to you our artists had a great year and played some of the hottest parties across the globe.

2009 is shaping up to be an even bigger year for the Unique family. So we thought it would be appropriate to recap on the year that’s passed and to give you a taster of what our artists are up to in the coming months.

Unique Welcomes Ryme Tyme!

That's right! (or should that be Ryte? ...hmm, maybe not) A great way to kick off 2009, Unique Artists is proud to announce the addition of legendary MC Ryme Tyme to its roster. Having built his name as the voice of some of the scene's filthiest dancefloor anthems, as well as knocking out plenty of audio dirt from his own studio, Ryme Tyme is one of the underground's most popular names and has all the skills to lyrically smash up drum & bass dancefloors.

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BCUK (Maldini & Vegas)

The legendary BCUK duo of Maldini & Vegas had a hugely busy year in 2008, rocking dancefloors from London to Los Angeles with their distinctive blend of future funk. Keeping their output minimal on the production tip, with Maldini teaming up with The Upbeats for a release on their new label, Non Vogue, called ‘The Bends’, a tearing piece of filth that tore up the place wherever it was dropped, BCUK have got a whole heap of tunes backing up and ready to be unleashed in 2009! This year will see the release of the 'Bullet Time' remix EP, featuring Spor and Upbeats remixes of 'Bullet Time' as well as two original tracks from Maldini & Vegas, 'Arkline' and 'Oceanic', and their forthcoming collab with Prolix, currently slated for release on Ganja-Tek. As well as all this you can catch the lads on tour with Fierce in Australia this March (well, maybe only catch them if you're an Aussie, long way to go otherwise...) and hitting a selection of dates around the world throughout the year to showcase their new material.

As always you can hear the tracks first by getting these boys to your event, click here to book BCUK.


Cabbie literally exploded onto the drum & bass scene in 2008, with over 20 of his bass-fuelled tracks seeing release on vinyl, and two being included on the brand new Chronic album, ‘Big Bad & Heavy’. As well as his music getting a whole heap of the biggest names on the circuit buzzing, Cabbie has become known as a highly respectable DJ in his own right, and thanks to his skills was asked by Dogs on Acid to drop a mix for them (check it here). The coming year looks to be even bigger for Cabbie, with tracks already slated for release on DJ Hype’s Ganja imprint, Digital’s Timeless and a host of the scene’s hottest underground labels.

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Having had her busiest year yet, DJ Empress is still proving herself to be one of the world’s premier female DJs. Keeping herself locked in the studio, when not holding down her immensely busy DJ schedule, Empress has been gearing up for 2009 in fine style. The first fruit of her labours has already been snapped up for the infamous Renegade Hardware imprint, and if Empress’ hard work and dedication is anything to go by then this year is going to be huge for everyone’s favourite drum & bass femme fatale.

Empress’ UK / EU tour kicks off in February. Promoters, get booking now!

J Majik

With Breakbeat Kaos picking up the ‘Crazy World’ album for re-release, and Ministry of Sound offshoot Data releasing the title track with a host of new remixes, 2008 was clearly a big year for J Majik. With scores of new material on the way, including a huge reworking of The Egg’s ‘Walking Away’ that’ll have the dancefloors and the radio buzzing, it’s plain to see that J Majik is going to be just as prominent in ’09 as he has been for the last decade!

Give your crowd a chance to check all the freshest dubplate action from the Infrared camp. Click here to book J Majik.

Jumpin Jack Frost

Joining Unique Artists midway through 2008, Jumpin Jack Frost proved exactly why he’s still regarded as one of the heaviest selectors on the drum & bass circuit. Travelling the globe and representing the V Recordings family with a massive bag full of dubplates, this man knows just how to lay down the pimp hand on any dancefloor he chooses, and 2009 is going to keep him just as busy as the last year did!

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Paving the way for the Real Playaz crew, Pascal has spent the majority of 2008 building the brand which has become the forefront of drum & bass sonic weaponry. Alongside his long time partner DJ Hype, Pascal has ensured that his record label empire has become one of the hottest independent music groups on the planet, and his bulging bag of dubs demonstrates that perfectly! You can catch Pascal bashing down the dance at the infamous Playaz events at Fabric, London, or you can get him to one of your own events!

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Optical’s been busy in the studio with Ed Rush, preparing the next audiological assault from the Virus camp. Provisionally entitled ‘Travel The Galaxy’, the lads’ fifth album is shaping up to be their greatest received since the seminal ‘Wormhole’. The album is slated for release mid March, dropping on 3x12" vinyl, 13 track CD and a 16 track digital download. Get to hear the album first, book Optical or a Virus tour night now!

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Since exploding onto the scene with a selection of anthemic releases on Charge, Bingo and Viper, Sigma have made a name for putting out D&B with an emphasis on quality, not quantity. 2008 saw them close the book on the Full Cycle story with their impressive remix of Roni Size & DJ Die’s ‘Music Box’ and this year the deadly duo are set to sign up with Breakbeat Kaos as well as dropping the awesome single 'Paint It Black' on Hospital in April. Not only that but their new single 'Something Special' will be hitting on Sigma's own label, Life, in February. Look out for more info on that very soon, and in the meantime get these boys down to one of your parties, their skills are practically unmatched on the decks!

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Since joining the Unique family in 2008, Mampi Swift has dropped the first two instalments of his latest album project ‘I Am Legend’. And a dancefloor legend is exactly what this man is! Having proved his worth with some of the heaviest anthems in the history of the scene, this man is currently putting the finishing touches to ‘I Am Legend’ while holding down one of the busiest DJ schedules around, with promoters clamouring to get the Charge head honcho to batter their crowd silly with his inimitable mixing style.

Unique Artists is gearing up for worldwide tours featuring the big man himself right now. Click here to book Swift!


Last year saw DSCi4 label owner DJ Trace step up with the fifth instalment of their highly successful ‘Spy Technologies’ series of compilation albums. Including one of his own tracks – ‘Space Fruit’ with Ryme Tyme – the album was of course another triumph for dirty beats and filthy basslines. 2009 is all set to be another big year for Trace too, with plenty more lined up for DSCi4 and more DJ work than you can shake a stick at.

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