Unique 3 “Invasive Signals” Fat! Records

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    These lads are responsible for helping shape the acid house sound, and in a way moved the sound into hardcore, and jungle. Graeme Park does the voiceover for the intro. “Darkness Visible” kicks off. It reaches back to Unique 3’s electro roots, and adds in some future business. “Serial Killer” uses an old acid bass and builds around it into a upfront sounding track. Mc chats and rock guitars join the mix, alongside loads of spatial sound effects. “Shades of Grey” will not disappoint lovers of that house /techno sound from the early 90’s. Love this track. “Tears in their tracks” is one of those sublime tracks, that might not be an anthem, but its great that not every track is trying to be an anthem. “I’m the…” is some original darkside acid house. It sounds underground, where this album is aimed, but who knows it might just smash up the top 40 too. A future classic from a legend.
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