Unidentified D&B track recorded at house party in Durban, South Africa circa 96/97


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I have this ancient d & b mix which I recorded onto tape off a dj playing a house party in my home town of Durban in South African circa 1996/97 I would say. It's probably one of my most treasured possessions having turned me onto so much awesome stuff. I've been trying to ID all the lesser known tunes on it for YEARS now and this one has me stumped.

Had someone say the tune sounds a bit like Deep Blue but is more than likely a copycat of the drum programming he was doing a the time which was quite innovative and spawned a few imitators.

The main identifying aspect is a sample of door creek which is rather unusual and used to awesome effect and also a weird wordless vocal line.

really great tune. if anybody has any ideas please let me know! thanks for listening
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