Understanding the StepSeq/Piano Roll.

Discussion in 'Production' started by EvolutionNine, Nov 30, 2012.

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    Hello again 0.o Hope all is well. I have been wanting to ask this but have wanted to try it for my self first. This is not DNB but a song my G.F had laying down in her room on some score paper. Anyhoo I wanted to try to write the piano and the guitar parts to see if I could. So far I have no idea if its right. If anyone can translate this piece of music into the SEQ I would be really excited to see how. So lost. But here is what I have.



    Music Piece


    Now what I think I have done here is created the first 4 bars of the piano with the treb and bass clef together and started to work on the guitar part. Pulls hair.